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Two New SIGTTO Publications Posted on 02 Aug 2018

We are very pleased to announce that our two latest publications, "Ship/Shore Interface for LPG/Chemical Gas Carriers and Terminals” and “Guidelines for the Alleviation of Excessive Surge Pressures on ESD for Liquefied Gas Transfer Systems”, are now available for purchase. These are SIGTTO’s  seventh and eighth major publications in the past four years and are both essential guidance for terminal and vessel operators. We would like to thank the working groups for their efforts in producing these publications.
This publication describes risk assessment and hazard identification techniques that can be applied by LPG/chemical gas shipping staff and terminal operators. It identifies the principal risks at the ship/shore interface, including vessel arrival and departure, loading and discharge operations, gas detection, cargo sampling, release of vapour and exposure to hazardous products.
This publication on the alleviation of excessive surge pressure provides practical advice on surge hazards and risk management. It also outlines the principal design and operational recommendations for cargo transfer systems. It will benefit managers, designers, engineers and operators of liquefied gas carriers and terminal loading and unloading systems.
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