SIGTTO have the following meeting types:

Regional Forums

Regional Forums are held regularly to address local issues and to provide those members, without the resources to travel to distant Panel Meetings, with an opportunity to participate directly in the Society’s proceedings. Whenever possible, Regional Forums are planned to coincide with other functions, thus ensuring best use is made of time and travel. There are typically around 12 regional forums per year. These forums are open to members only along with selected invited guests such as potential members or subject matter experts. Currently forums take place regularly in the following regions, some regions have more than one per year:

The agenda is proposed by the local members themselves and the SIGTTO Secretariat acts as secretary to the meetings, which generally last a day. Proposals may be forwarded to the General Purposes Committee or Human Element Committee for further discussion and action. On occasion there is a technical visit the following day.

Panel meetings

Panel meetings are held once or twice a year typically in conjunction with a GPC meeting in April and/or Sept/October. Panel Meetings attract a large attendance and are open to every member of the Society and a limited number of guests such as potential members or subject matter experts. Generally taking place over two days, there is the opportunity for a frank and free exchange of views and opinions on matters of current interest to the industry, plus a series of presentations on topical subjects; often lessons learnt are shared under Chatham House Rules. They also provide members with the opportunity to share any issues or concerns which they feel warrant investigation or further development. These issues are then sent for consideration by the General Purposes Committee (GPC) and Human Element Committee (HEC). The panel meetings can be held anywhere in the world depending on the hosting member; recent locations have been China, Cyprus, Houston and London.

General Purposes Committee (GPC)

The GPC is selected to represent a broad cross-section of the overall membership and having a high calibre of expertise on all technical aspects of liquefied gas shipping and terminal processes. There are 35 technical experts from amongst the full membership that sit on the GPC. It meets twice a year, typically in April and Sept/October, often in conjunction with major conferences such as Gastech. The GPC, in liaison with the HEC, will decide how to best deal with the issues raised by members and will give instructions to the Secretariat accordingly, e.g. to form working groups to eventually produce industry guidance. The Secretariat provides the support services, direct technical input, consultancy and organisation required to execute specific projects and tasks mandated by the GPC. The Chair of the GPC reports to the Board.

Human Element Committee (HEC)

The Human Element Committee (HEC), formed in 2016, deals with human element issues as they relate to the gas shipping and terminal sectors. The Secretariat provides the support services, direct technical input, consultancy and organisation required to execute specific projects and tasks mandated by the HEC. There are around 15 experts from amongst the membership that sit on the HEC. It meets twice a year, typically in January and July in SIGTTO’s London Office. The Chair of the HEC reports to the Board.


The board is comprised of twenty senior executives from SIGTTO’s full membership and deals with the strategy, governance, policy and finances of the society. The board meets three times a year, one meeting in May and two meetings on the same day as the AGM in November. All members are invited to attend the AGM. The General Manager of the Secretariat reports to the Board.

Working Group Meetings

Working group meetings are chaired by and comprised of the membership, with occasional subject matter experts from outside the membership as required. The working groups are formed by the GPC or HEC and the working group chair reports to the respective GPC/HEC chairs. There would typically be four working group meetings over a two year project life, although this may vary.