SIGTTO has the following meeting types:

Regional Panels

Regional Panels will be held regularly to address local issues and to provide members with an opportunity to participate directly in the society’s proceedings. They will be held in Houston, London and Singapore.

General Purposes Committee (GPC)

The GPC is selected to represent a broad cross-section of the overall membership and having a high calibre of expertise on all technical aspects of liquefied gas shipping and terminal processes.

Environmental Committee (EC)

The EC, formed in 2022, deals with environmental issues as they relate to the gas shipping and terminal sectors.


The board is comprised of twenty senior executives from SIGTTO’s full membership and deals with the strategy, governance, policy and finances of the society.

Working Group Meetings

Working group meetings are chaired by and comprised of the membership, with occasional subject matter experts from outside the membership as required. The working groups are formed by the GPC or EC.