From 1st January 2024, SIGTTO fees are as follows:

All members pay the basic fee of £4,697 per annum. Full members also pay a capacity fee, depending on assessed capacity:

  1. £0.0148 per cubic meter for the first 500,000 cubic meters or part of assessed active capacity, plus;
  2. £0.0049 per cubic meter for any balance of assessed active capacity over 500,000 up to a maximum of 1,500,000 cubic meters.
  3. £0.0068 for laid-up tonnage.

We have a maximum fee of £14,832 per annum for any one member.

VAT will be added where applicable.

In addition, full members are required to to purchase US$300 company shares at par value. This is a one-off fee, and associate members are not required to purchase shares until such time as they become a full member.

If you would like any further information on fees, please contact the Membership Manager -

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