Year joined SIGTTO: 2004
Location: Pan American, Canada

LNG Terminal, LNG and LPG Ship Operator

Seapeak is one of the world’s largest independent owners and operators of 50 LNG carriers and 42 LPG, Ethane and multigas carriers. In addition, Seapeak owns a 30 percent interest in an LNG regasification terminal. With our high-quality management team and strong, strategic customer relationships, we are well positioned to be a leader in the global energy transition. Delivering on our goals to expand our fleet and diversify our portfolio, Seapeak has most recently acquired Evergas for $700 million, which primarily focuses its operations on the shipment of ethane – an even greener global fuel source. In addition, Seapeak entered into shipbuilding contracts for the construction of five, 174,000-cubic meter M-type, Electronically Controlled, Gas Admission (or MEGA) propulsion LNG carrier newbuildings, which are scheduled for delivery in 2027.

Since 2002, Seapeak has managed all shipbuilding 100% in house, including 36 LNG newbuilds and 6 ARC 7 LNG carriers ordered and delivered on-budget and ahead of schedule. We pride ourselves in working closely with shipbuilders to design and deliver world-leading designs (MEGI & ARC 7) and having the gas engine expertise to operate various propulsion arrangements.

Our commitment and passion to innovate has been exemplified similarly in our recent projects, including; Yamal LNG Project, where Seapeak were entrusted leaders of the Joint Task Force (a compilation of Customer and Shipowners) , developing the Polar Operating Manual – the first of its kind addressing the complexity of LNG operations in the Arctic, and the Bahrain Floating Storage Unit and LNG Import Terminal, a 20-year contract with the Kingdom of Bahrain to develop an LNG receiving and regasification terminal, with Seapeak having a 30% interest in the terminal and providing the technical LNG expertise and an FSU.

To be agile in meeting the needs of the new technologies onboard our ships and in our marine projects we have had to invest heavily in what is undoubtedly our most valuable asset; our People. To support that ethos, and continue investing in our seafarers, we have established a Training Centre with full bridge simulator in Glasgow, to ensure our seastaff receive the highest level of training, meeting the Seapeak specific and industry requirements. 


Seapeak and SIGTTO

We’ve shown how Seapeak has positioned itself at the forefront of technical development and diversification, and indeed we need look no further than at the recent innovations in the design of LNG tankers to identify how they have been subject to, arguably, the most development in the last twenty years of any type of cargo ship. Again, with such a variety of changes of hardware, the staff operating and managing these tankers have also been subject to significant changes in their learning experiences. This is precisely where the role of SIGTTO has become so beneficial for its members.

With our extensive newbuilding projects, including a variety of propulsion systems and more subtle development in containment systems, the interaction with the manufacturers and designers of these systems, facilitated by the SIGTTO platforms, has been of great assistance.

In fact, our involvement goes way beyond the management of our LNG tankers. Seapeak’s Vice President, Operations, Chris McDade, sits on the SIGTTO Board of Directors and we have a number of senior representatives on the LNG Working Groups and those of LPG and the recently formed Cargo Resource Management Working Groups. Participation has enabled industry peers to collectively engage in enhancing and raising standards and promoting best practices, both technical and non-technical, engrained in our operations.

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