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Revision started in 2018


Witherby Seamanship


In 2007, SIGTTO set up a series of working groups to bring together the LPG shipping experience on fully pressurised, semi-pressurised/semi-refrigerated and fully refrigerated LPG carriers and ethylene carriers. This led to creation of the best practice standards collated into this book and formally adopted by the SIGTTO board in May 2008. The standards have been written using the ‘competence based methodology’ that is widely used in STCW and the industry in general.

This book is for anyone serving on an LPG carrier, as either deck or engine officer, or any operator who has LPG carriers or ethylene carriers in their fleet. The book builds on the competency-related work carried out by SIGTTO in the LNG sector and provides information on the minimum standards that officers should be trained to and the knowledge that underpins it.

This book should be used as guidance and is not considered to be mandatory. However, the standards represent the current best practice for operational training standards for officers and should be considered by an individual or company for adoption.