Call for member photos and videos

Call for member photos and videos for use with SIGTTO publications and events

Having not replenished its photo library for several years, SIGTTO would like to restock its collection of member photos and videos to reflect the commissioning of new gas ships and terminals, ongoing advances in technology and the expansion of the global LNG and LPG supply chains. It is intended to feature the photos/videos in the upcoming SIGTTO Annual Report, SIGTTO newsletters, the Society’s Spring Virtual Panel, promotional film and related social media posts.

In addition to images of straightforward ships and terminals, SIGTTO aims to feature photographs and videos that reflect the following themes (aerial shots are particularly welcome):


  • the ship/shore interface (ships berthed at terminals; jettyside equipment; tugs assisting in berthing operations)
  • photos showing people at work, e.g. on the bridge, in engine rooms, in cargo control rooms, on deck, on the jetty, at terminals, in offices (or at home!)
  • “offshore” photos … FSRUs, floating LNG production vessels, STS operations
  • LNG bunker vessels, including showing such vessels engaged in bunkering operations, and small-scale LNG carriers
  • LPG carriers and terminals (including ethane and ethylene carriers and terminals)
  • other recent technological advances, including ice class LNG carriers, particularly the Arc7 class ships, and High Arctic and small-scale LNG terminals


The SIGTTO Secretariat would be most grateful if you could provide us with a selection of suitable images reflecting your company’s activities. It would also be highly appreciated if you could kindly send them to ""  by the end of March.

If there are any issues with emailing due to file size, please kindly let us know, and we will arrange a cloud drive for you to upload.

Many thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide with this request.