NEW! Carbon Dioxide Cargo on Gas Carriers

We are pleased to announce that our latest publication, Carbon Dioxide Cargo on Gas Carrier - First Edition is available for digital download from our website.

This document provides high-level guidance to assist the gas shipping industry with the emerging carriage of LCO2. This safety-focused review first identifies key properties of CO2 and its hazards alongside other products that are commonly carried by gas carriers. Current liquefied gas regulations and guidelines are then reviewed with suggestions on what may be considered for LCO2 shipping. Finally, this document provides design and operational considerations in context of LCO2’s unique properties.

The efforts of this working group have produced guidance for organisations that are involved in the design and operation of CO2 carriers and terminals. It does not provide specific information for ship or terminal design. Once the liquefied gas industry has more experience in the transportation of CO2, additional information will become available.