New Publications: Available for free download

As part of the Society’s efforts to support the industry in reducing the environmental impact of liquefied gas shipping, SIGTTO has published 2 new publications below. Both are now available for free download.

“Detection and Reporting of Fugitive Methane Emissions from LNG Carriers” is the first publication in a SIGTTO series that will address the issue of methane emissions.

The main purpose of this inaugural publication, which provides guidance on the detection and reporting of fugitive methane emissions, is to recommend the establishment of a structured system for identifying, detecting, measuring and quantifying fugitive emissions of methane from LNG carriers. The publication represents an important primary step in understanding the mechanisms of methane emissions. It is hoped that the document will support the development of a more comprehensive leak detection and repair (LDAR) system capable of reducing emissions through maintenance and design improvements

Download “Detection and Reporting of Fugitive Methane Emissions from LNG Carriers”:

“Measurement and Reporting of CO2 Emissions from Gas Carriers” is the first in a SIGTTO series addressing various aspects of CO2 emissions.

The document provides guidance on the standardised measurement and reporting of CO2 emissions. It first identifies typical sources of CO2 emissions from gas carriers and describes the methodologies for measuring CO2 emissions. The reporting standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and European Union (EU) for CO2 emissions are then explained, covering both technical and operational efficiency.

Download “Measurement and Reporting of CO2 Emissions from Gas Carriers”: