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With the COVID-19 pandemic presenting huge challenges SIGTTO has put in place a range of measures to keep our people, their families and anyone we work with as safe as possible. This is our highest priority. We are also working hard to ensure the continuation of as many of our services to members as is possible. We will be doing our utmost to deliver our usual high quality of work to our membership and SIGTTO remains “open for business” within the constraints of home working.

When the first cases of COVID-19 were identified in the UK, we began to review the situation and have been putting in place specific measures to manage the resulting risks.

All of our people have the ability to work remotely and commenced doing so from Friday 13th March until further notice. They have access to all our systems, which allows us to manage the risk of spreading the virus and also to continue to deliver our work and are monitoring email and phone as if they are in the office.

Other measures put in place are:

• We are following all Government and WHO guidelines.
• Our policy is determined by National and International guidelines not by the press, social media or personal opinions.
• Our staff have been instructed not to leave their home for the purpose of work until further notice.
• We have suspended our attendance at all external events, conferences and meetings.
• We have suspended/postponed all SIGTTO meetings for now.
• We are therefore holding meetings “online” rather than face-to-face thereby avoiding physical contact altogether.
• The technical work is continuing, as best as possible, during these circumstances although some deadlines may be impacted.
• SIGTTO staff are available, during UK business hours, for any technical, membership or other enquiries.
• Staff have been assured they will remain on full pay and their employment is secure.

Please be assured that we are keeping the situation under constant review and keeping our colleagues and members up to date with any changes.

Thank you and please stay safe during this unprecedented and worrying time.