SIGTTO Environmental Policy and Committee Restructure

In recognition of the environmental issues affecting the planet,  SIGTTO has today published our Environmental Policy. This was agreed by the Board following discussions at the recent meeting in London. You can read the statement at:

As you will note, SIGTTO pledges support for the aims of the IMO’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Strategy and will draw upon our expertise in gas shipping and terminal operation to assist the success of this work.  

SIGTTO also pledges to engage with both the IMO and other industry bodies to address any technical or safety risks emerging from the GHG strategy measures. We will support members’ efforts to meet the GHG strategy, and to instigate and share best practice to achieve the goals set.

The Board has also agreed to increase our focus on environmental policy and has determined that the former Environmental Sub-committee will become the Environmental Committee. It will operate in parallel with the General Purposes Committee – with both reporting directly to the Board. 

Since its inception in 1979, SIGTTO’s principal role has been to encourage and promote safe and responsible operation of liquefied gas carriers and marine terminals. The Society’s aim is to develop advice and guidance for best practice among our members, and to promote this across the gas shipping and terminal industry to enhance and improve the safety record. The Society has participated in the IMO’s work as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with consultative status.  

The increased focus on environmental issues, at both the IMO and within our industry, adds another dimension to SIGTTO’s work. This was recognised by the change in our Bye-Laws last year. We believe that Members recognise the increasing importance of environment-related issues, and look forward to your continued support in our work in this fast-changing sector.