SIGTTO Information Papers 2022

SIGTTO Information Papers (Consolidated Edition 2022) is now available:

This publication contains all the SIGTTO Information Papers that are in force for 2022, listed below, for the guidance of industry members.

1. A Justification into the Use of Insulation Flanges (and Electrically Discontinuous Hoses) at the Ship/Shore and Ship/Ship Interface
2. ESD Systems
3. Fire Prevention in the Cargo Containment Systems of Liquefied Gas Carriers in Shipyards
4. Gas Concentrations in the Insulation Spaces of Membrane LNG Carriers
5. Guidance for the Prevention of Rollover in LNG Ships
6. Guidance on Gas Carrier and Terminal Gangway Interface
7. Guide for Planning Gas Trials For LNG Vessels
8. LNG and LPG Experience Matrix (Including Guidelines for Use)
9. LNG Marine Loading Arms and Manifold Draining, Purging and Disconnection Procedure
10. Report on the Effects of Fire On LNG Carrier Containment Systems
11. Recommendations for Cargo Control Room HMI
12. Recommendations for Designing Cargo Control Rooms
13. Recommendations for Management of Cargo Alarm Systems
14. Simulation Information Paper
15. Suggested Quality Standards for LNG Training Providers
16. Thermowells in LNG Carrier Liquid Lines
17. The Selection and Testing of Valves for LNG Applications
18. The Selection and Testing of Valves for LPG Applications