SIGTTO is now on Weibo and WeChat

We are very pleased to announce that SIGTTO is now on the two biggest Chinese social media platforms - Weibo and Wechat.


With the increasing demand for LNG imports, the continued growth of the gas shipping industry and the numbers of new entrants in China, the technical integrity, shared information and best practices regarding safe transportation and operation internationally are critical.


For many years, SIGTTO has been delighted to have some of the key players in China - CLSICO, China Energy Ship Management, Guangdong Dapeng LNG Company and CNOOC-Fujian LNG going along with us in the society on this journey. We are excited and look forward to further strengthening the ties, expanding the membership and providing valuable resources outside and inside the industry within the area.


You can now find our profile and video translated in Mandarin on our website at


Followers on Weibo and WeChat can also expect our consistent updates on the latest news, reports and stories of the society and industry. We look forward to seeing you there.


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我们很高兴能和各位宣布,SIGTTO 已经登上中国最大的两个社交媒体平台-微博和微信。


随着中国气体运输行业的持续成长、对 LNG 进口需求和新进业者数量的增加,国际航运实务操作安全和运营的技术整合、资讯和最佳实践方案的分享也变得更加重要。


多年来,SIGTTO 很荣幸能有几位在中国行业市场中的重要伙伴-CLSICO、中能船管、广东大鹏液化天然气,和中海福建天然气在国际社群中,与我们一同站在尖端跟着全球行业成长。我们非常兴奋,也期待能更进一步强化双边的关係,并在此地区拓展会员版图、提供行业内外高质量的资源与信息。