Membership Eligibility

To become a full member of SIGTTO it is necessary for a company to have equity interest in, or to operate, a gas tanker or terminal.

Associate membership is available to applicants who have entered into a contract to build a gas tanker or a terminal. Directors may also admit to associate membership the following organisations:

  • Harbour authorities
  • Tug vessel providers for liquefied gas terminals
  • Classification societies
  • Training providers for liquefied gas vessel sea staff and/or terminal personnel

Associate members have all the rights of a full member except for voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership of the Society is conditional upon submission of a completed application form. The Membership Committee of the Board then reviews this application.

Anti-Trust / Anti-Competition Law Compliance Statement

SIGTTO’s policy is to be firmly committed to maintaining a fair and competitive environment in the LNG and LPG industry. Many nations of the world have enacted laws to preserve the free enterprise system, promote competition and protect the public from monopolistic and other restrictive trade practices. SIGTTO will adhere to all applicable laws which regulate SIGTTO and its members’ activities.

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